website on vacation - newsletter is here!

SO...our web site was so old that even I couldn't stand to go look at it. AT LAST, after embarrassing letters and emails from some of you telling us that our Web Site was so old and decrepit, we just said "Shut it Down!" It is now under renovation, with a comeback in the near future.

Have no fear, no voids here! Our creativity took hold and we are announcing the birth of our new Monthly E NEWSLETTER that will enable NMG to reach out and touch you with timely info about new work received directly from our Artist's Studios and a myriad of tidbits. enjoy

siegle and haley

we are so happy to have received the new works from Siegle and Haley. In fact, we have an entire list of people to call now that it is here.

new arrival: elizabeth garvin

This is the new Elizabeth Garvin work that just arrived...

staff picks: ed levin

OK! So, today Allison tried on a piece she had never even looked at before. It was the Ed Levin collar we have carried for about 4 years. Here she is... and now we will have to make sure she takes it off before she leaves the Gallery. ALLISON IS IN LOVE!